May 2022 Meeting

NWOS president Steve Dorsey welcomed new people to our group. We then went right into the night’s main event. First vice president Robert Culver introduced our speaker, Bill Goldner, PhD, who came to us via a Zoom presentation.

Newsletter June 2022 – Volume 75, Issue 6

Our Speaker for the month of May was Bill Goldner from Woodstream Orchids. Hist topic was “New Looks for Miniature Phragmipedium Hybrids and Other New Lines of Breeding”. He compared many crosses and their parents and showed the outcomes of the various breeding attempts. He showed many breakthroughs in breeding and in particular with mini phragmipediums. Some of the results included amazing new colors.

April 2022 Meeting

Our speaker, Theresa Hill, reviewed Paphiopedlium charlesworthii. She covered its natural history, it’s cultivation as well as its multiple forms. Culture was covered along with the contributions this species provides in its hybrids.

Newsletter April 2022 – Volume 75, Issue 4

The speaker for April is Kelly McCracken of High Desert Orchids. Kelly will be speaking to us about artificial lighting. Many of us have discovered that as our hobby grows sometimes, we run out of window spaces, or we don’t have a good window to begin with. Artificial lighting can provide our plants with the light they need to thrive. Many growers have discovered the opportunities that the recent drop in price and increase in availability of LED lights has provided. But there is relatively little information about how much artificial light orchids need and what kinds of lights are best.

Newsletter March 2022 – Volume 75, Issue 3

February was our culture clinic month. Our member, Andy Wright, presented us with the important points of good orchid growing. Andy started by asking us to understand what our specific plants need and what we can provide for them. He encouraged us to know what the natural growing conditions are for the various genera as well as for more complex hybrids. He also gave us an understanding of the basics of Orchid Culture: potting media, water, light, blooming, roots, growing container, fertilizer and pests. It was a well presented, enjoyable, and thorough review of all the best points for good growing and blooming. After his talk, Andy took many questions from the audience. He reminded us that our Library is a great resource. The conversation included a general chat about culture as well as specific issues and problems.