Mentoring program

NWOS Mentoring Program

Why Have A Mentoring Program?

The mentoring program is to help an interested NWOS member pair with an experienced grower with the idea of helping each other through our experiences and knowledge.  The program allows members one-on-one assistance with their orchid growing questions.  Topics may include watering, fertilizing, pest and disease control or other growing area concerns. 

Program contents

We can be your guide on topics or as a resource for information if you wish.  Those wishing to learn all aspects of growing are welcome to contact us and if desired a complete review of growing techniques can be given.  Or maybe you wish to focus on one aspect at a time. 


Any NWOS member can be a protégé.  We offer both remote and in-person learning as circumstances permit. We endevor to make this process and fun and as benificial to you as possible.


Those willing to offer their help to others and join as a mentor are encouraged to join as a mentor. We have a team of growers that can help other mentors and do not require expertise in all plants.   We welcome enthusiastic participants who enjoy helping others in their journey of orchid culture. 

Ready to get growing?

If you would like to sign up to meet your own mentor or to be a mentor please contact Steve Dorsey.

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