NWOS 2020-10 General Meeting

The speaker for the month of October was Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids. Fred’s talk, Becoming an 80th Percentile Grower, was an excellent and enlightening presentation. He spoke about the top 4 things for good orchid culture: Water (incl. fertilizer), Light levels, Temperature and Proper re-potting. If you get these right, you will achieve 80% success which is enough to have positive outcomes. Fred spoke a lot about how orchids grow naturally, what they like and how we should strive to give them what they prefer by observing their native habitat. He went into great detail about each of those 4 points and provided lots of specifics and recommendations on how to achieve a high degree of success. This presentation was chock full of easy to understand, easy to accomplish step-by-step principles and tips to grow beautiful, healthy orchids.

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