Past Events

May 2022 Meeting

NWOS president Steve Dorsey welcomed new people to our group. We then went right into the night’s main event. First vice president Robert Culver introduced our speaker, Bill Goldner, PhD, who came to us via a Zoom presentation.

April 2022 Meeting

Our speaker, Theresa Hill, reviewed Paphiopedlium charlesworthii. She covered its natural history, it’s cultivation as well as its multiple forms. Culture was covered along with the contributions this species provides in its hybrids.

Potting Clinic – March 19 2022

Come with questions, get some answers. Bring up to three plants. Then add some hands-on experience, with guidance from our volunteer members. Potting media and some pots will be available on site.
It’s a night of fun and learning, and your orchids will thank you.